8 Hot Design Trends for 2016

Design, particularly in the home, is always evolving. It’s what keeps homeowners guessing and interior designers working. This year is no exception. We’ll see things from back-in-the-day become trendy again, some newer trends go out of style, and lots of mixing and matching.

Here’s what 2016 has in store for interior design.

Bohemian Takeover


Bohemian style is famous for blending contemporary pieces with antiques. People are trading out the super-modern look in favor of a healthy mix, blurring the lines a bit more. Your antique thrift-shop treasure can go in the same space as your sleek new coffee table. The Bohemian look also incorporates lots of color, which is right in line with what we’ll see in 2016. Pantone predicts bold brights along with playful pastels.

Gold Standard


Gold was gone for a while, but it’s quickly making a comeback. Not so long ago, the metal was considered too ornate or gaudy for interiors. In 2016 it’ll be an accepted accent. Perhaps this has something to do with the popularity of Downton Abbey? Use the metal to make a statement on light fixtures, coffee table bases, cabinet pulls, and other accessories.

Environmentally Trendy


Cultural awareness of climate change and social responsibility to our environment will drive a trend towards reusing and re-purposing. Plus, let’s be honest, the dresser you buy from Ikea can’t compare to the craftsmanship of a vintage find at a thrift store.

Chic Sleep

chic sleep

The more gadgets we get, the more health conscious we become. And sleep is a major part of being healthy. Wearable fitness devices now track daily movement and sleep. As people try to catch elusive zzzs, they’re making improvements to the bedroom. We’ve gone beyond blackout curtains to pillows with technology designed to help you sleep better. Look for calming, serene bedroom colors and design to complement these new devices.

Space Becomes Less Sparse

Cozy Space

For a while, we were really going for that modern, minimalist look. And modern stuff is still great, but in 2016 expect character and comfort to come back into common living spaces. That means more details, such as extra toss pillows and other accessories that make the place feel cozy and lived in.

Art with Heart

DIY art

When it comes to what’s on the walls, or otherwise proudly displayed, mass-produced artwork is going to become less popular. Look for the art in 2016 homes to have some meaning behind it. The piece may have been created by a friend, a DIY courtesy of Pinterest, or prints of favorite Instagram photos. We’re not going to settle for just anything on our wall space this year.

Mix & Match Metals

mixed metals

It used to be a bit of a taboo to use more than one metal in the same space. Now, it’s totally cool to break the rules. Go ahead, put bronze drawer pulls with a nickel faucet!

Rug Revival


Remember when it seemed like every home had an Oriental rug on display? Then we all traded them out for those contemporary geo-printed rugs. Well, we’re going back. Look for Oriental rugs to become a way to pull a room together once again.



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